The Fleet Marketing Group

Specialists in lead generation of fleet products and services. Our sales leads provide quick, measurable results and a HIGH ROI

All data and leads are GDPR compliant

The Fleet Specialists

We provide lead generation to some of the biggest telematics companies, fuel card providers and fleet insurance brokers in the UK. Many of these companies we have worked with for several years.

We use over 30 marketing channels to generate leads including online media and more traditional methods.

  • No subscription fees, just pay for the leads we generate for you

  • No contract or tie in, you can pause and resume lead generation with us at anytime

  • All leads are guaranteed, if they do not represent a genuine sales opportunity, get a refund

  • All leads are qualified by a member of our team to ensure interest and suitability for the product

  • All calls are recorded to maintain consistently high standards

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We have over 8 years experience in generating leads for telematics companies and work with some of the biggest names in the industry.

We generate over 750 telematics leads per month, with an average monthly conversion ratio of 21%.

We achieve this with by using multiple marketing channels and an experienced and knowledgeable team of fleet consultants who qualify each and every lead we deliver to our clients.

To ensure that we match prospects with a telematics provider which offers the features and benefits they require to run their fleet more effectively, we do a full fact find to ascertain the problems they are experiencing in their fleet and where they feel that telematics will help them to improve.

All calls are recorded and our leads are guaranteed. If you ever experience a problem with a lead, simply submit it for a refund via our online portal.

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Fleet and HGV Insurance

We talk to hundreds of fleet operators every day and in doing so have collected a database of over 23,149 renewal dates from businesses which have expressed an interest in reviewing their fleet insurance when it comes around for renewal.

This data includes email addresses, phone numbers, contact names, fleet sizes, vehicle types and the fleet insurance renewal dates and can be segmented by any of these metrics to be used for renewal date focused telemarketing campaigns and/or email campaigns.

You can choose to filter the leads we send to you by any of the following criteria:

  • Industry sectors
  • Fleet size; minimum and maximum
  • Length of time they have been trading
  • Company types; ltd company, sole traders etc
  • Minimum age of the drivers
  • Geographical areas to include or not include
  • Fleet rated or not fleet rated

Fuel Cards

We have over 8 years experience in generating leads for fuel card companies.

We generate on average 400 exclusive fuel card leads per month. By exclusive I mean the leads are only processed through to you and no one else. And this is why on average the fuel card suppliers we work with, report back to us a 50% - 70% conversion on the leads we deliver into their business.

All the fuel card leads we generate are qualified by a member of our team.

You can filter the leads we generate by:

  • Minimum monthly fuel spend
  • Minimum trading period
  • Minimum Experian score for prospects
  • The fuel card they currently use
  • Industry sector